Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Most Common Intimate Disease Why It Is So Difficult To Trea

The symptoms of yeast infection are itching, redness and burning vulva, thick, white cheesy vaginal discharge, pain when urinating and yeast infection no more during intercourse. Could discover these symptoms, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Remember: The more run illness, the longer and harder it will be treated.

Acute Canadianism lasts no more than two months, chronic does not stop for more than three months. Advanced disease can cause pathology of the About Linda Allen gastrointestinal tract (symbiosis), and various gynecological diseases, reducing the local immunity.

Yeast-like fungi can attack not only the genitals, but the urogenital tract, and testes. These microorganisms - wonderful opportunists. Penetrating deep into the cells, where they can multiply a long time, despite the powerful medicinal effects. Settling in various organs, fungi can eventually lead to pathological changes in their functions. So even if the thrush is asymptomatic and does not cause anxiety, treat disease must. However, in no case should not start fighting with yeast alone, because similar symptoms may yield and disease, sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, trichinosis, Gardner, genital herpes, chlamydia, cytoplasmic, protoplasmic and others.
You reap what you sow

The diagnosis of "thrush" can be made as a result of due diligence, which includes, in addition to physical examination, some laboratory tests. Simple but ample method of diagnosis disease is microscopy of vaginal smear. If necessary, can be made direct fluorescence (DIFF), and DNA diagnostics (PAR).

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